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Enrollment Process

Step 1: Campus Tour
Please call the administrative office at (510) 848-1616 to schedule a tour of our campus. Tours are open to parents, district representatives or advocates. If Via Center appears to be an appropriate placement for your student a formal referral from the students' current school district is required. 

Step 2: Admission and Decision Process
Once a formal referral is received from the prospective student's district, Via Center will review information provided by the district to determine if the the school can meet the students academic and behavioral needs. 

Step 3: Required Documents
The district will provide Via Center with a copy of each student's current IEP and transcripts upon referral or placement into the program. In addition, the district must provide the most recent psychoeducational assessment report, the FBA report, and behavioral plan if possible.

Step 4: Enrollment
Students admitted into the program will receive notification from Via Center's School Director. A start date will be discussed and enrollment paperwork will be sent to finalize student enrollment.