Via Center Course of Study

We have several purposes in posting the school's Course of Study on the website:
  •  To show how our students with moderate-to-severe disabilities access the state's general-ed curriculum through California's Alternate Standards for Students with Significant Disabilities
  • To suggest ways of combining the alternate standards on which we base our IEP's with certain of the general-ed standards to enrich skills-training programs and activities at school and in the community
  • To share the research we have done in identifying standards-based skills and activities that are both empowering to behaviorally-challenged students with moderate-to-severe disabilities and viable in the kind of school settings that serve them.
  • To help other schools who may be in the process of developing or adapting their courses of study save valuable staff time and energies, time and energies that might otherwise be spent doing work similar to what we have already done.
  •  To give our friends, our peers, and parents and others interested in children with special-needs a clear   idea of what is taught at Via Center

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To access the Course of Study, click on the link below

  Course of Study